Kelvin Mel R. Belardo
KMR Belardo
  • Date Received: December 11, 2010
  • Position: Oncology Staff Nurse
  • Principal: Jerudong Park Medical Centre

Good Morning! how are you all doin right now?. For all of us here Staying in a Beautiful place, we are all GREAT! AWESOME!… I would like to thank all of there at LBS. you given me and my family so much joy.. when i first step my feet on your agency i was really tired that time ( Night shift ), but still you encouraged me to apply for the position as ONCOLOGY STAFF NURSE. when i left there all my nervousness came out and thinking is this the right choice?.. are they going to accept me?. so many questions pop out in my brain. then after 2 weeks, yeah! 2 weeks they called me again and told me to submit all the requirements they needed, and after a week HR from Brunei darussalam called me and they told me i was accepted. geez! my heart Pumped faster! anyway’s Our manager here treat us very well, our doctors are GReAT, Our fully furnished place is BRILLIANT. ;) ) we have so much story to tell. .. all in all. i would like to say THANK YOU so MUCH for giving me chance to work here. YOU are a really Blessing to all FILIPINO.. May God bless all of you…

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