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Privacy Policy

LBS RECRUITMENT SOLUTIONS CORPORATION (LBS), as a licensed and ethical manpower provider to its foreign principals, shall endeavor to respect the confidentiality, security, and protection of personal data, as enunciated under Republic Act No. 10173, otherwise known as the Data Privacy Act 2012.

As an organization engaged in the collection and processing of personal data, LBS shall uphold individual data privacy rights, for which the following policies are formulated for meticulous compliance, to wit:

  1. Personal data shall be collected from its stakeholders only for the legitimatepurpose it serves. Appropriate Company forms shall be in place to achieve thispurpose;
  2. Collected personal data shall be subjected to primary source verification (PSV)by the Company from directly concerned third parties to determine datacorrectness and accuracy. This shall be done only upon the expressed consentof the concerned stakeholders;
  3. Duly verified, collected personal data shall be shared, referred, and transmittedto third parties as a necessary transaction in the recruitment and placementprocess. The concerned stakeholder shall be informed, accordingly;
  4. Collected personal data and information shall be used by the Company fordocumentation purposes and compliance with requirements and regulations ofclients and official entities, and
  5. Safety and security in the storage of personal data and information shall beguaranteed thru the facility of Google Cloud virtual server.

Appropriate training programs for all core employees of the Company shall be undertaken to ensure successful communication and implementation of this Data Privacy Policy.

LBS operate on the advantage of e-technology. With all its operation procedures computerized, LBS further improved its management system by putting in place ARMS, an innovative special feature which permanently links our organization with our workers throughout the phases of recruitment, processing, and deployment.

ARMS serve as our nexus to our workers. By way of system-generated and triggered messages, it is our mode of communication to track movements and monitor emerging concerns for immediate solutions. On the part of our workers, ARMS serve both as an information window and grievance mechanism that always empowers them.


To make the System operational, all LBS applicants, upon registration, are issued their Applicants Control Panel (ACP) accounts to serve as their permanent link with the Company. Using the ACP, any sort of concern, during any phase of the relationship, can be communicated and addressed, vice versa.

The first system-generated message an applicant receives from ARMS will be a confirmation of his application and LBS’ assurance of the security and confidentiality of his personal data. Likewise, in the same letter, the applicant is informed of the use and importance of his ACP account during the entire span of his relationship with LBS.

As the worker proceeds with the various stages of his application, the concerned Team updates status changes in the ARMS that is subsequently reflected in the worker’s ACP account. Thru system generated and triggered messages, the applicant is updated and informed as the process progress.

Follow ups and documentation concerns may also be communicated vice versa, for information or immediate solution.

When on site, ARMS is used to track and monitor our workers’ status and movements. Again, system generated letters are in place to serve this purpose. In return, reports, and emerging concerns, if any, may be communicated by the workers to LBS for needed action.

Our well-trained Costumer Care Team is assigned in the ARMS to monitor and act on emerging concerns on site. They are alert in detecting concerns with possible serious complications, in which instance, are immediately relayed to management for a nip-in- the-bud solution.

There is no end in our quest to innovate. As an important feature of our management system, ARMS is continuously improved to match our capacity building efforts. As of this writing, we are now coming up with Version 3 of ARMS to make it more updated, relevant, and responsive to changing times.